Mitch McConnell is the Republic Senate Majority leader.  He is also senile, arrogant, ignorant, narrow in his vision, greedy, self-serving.

His job is to represent the American people.  But what he does is represent those who look just like him: white, rich (Net Worth of $23 million), old, conservative.

Pity him because he has lost his way.  He was elected to represent the people and their concerns and wishes.   But he soon became a god who decides on the fate of bills presented to the Senate.  He forgot about his constituency, about the American people and the constitution.  All he really cares about is being indispensable.

He made a deal with the devil when he got sanctions lifted off a Russian Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who owns the largest aluminum company in Russia, Rusal, and one of the largest in the world.  In a tit for tit reciprocity deal, Oleg Deripaska invested $200 million dollars in a new aluminum plant in Ashland, Kentucky.  And, I know this will amaze some when I tell you that Kentucky just happens to be McConnell’s home state.

This man should be shot with Thorazine (used to treat certain mental/mood disorders, such as schizophrenia, psychotic disorders, manic phase of bipolar disorder, severe behavioral problems) and held incommunicado in a room with no outside contact.

He truly is a depraved man who doesn’t even realize how badly he has misrepresented the American people.

When Barack Obama was elected, McConnell was asked what the republican agenda would be for the next 4 years.  He said, “We have no agenda other than blocking every attempt made by the Obama administration to pass a bill, measure or law.”

His narrow, self-serving perspective of the legislative responsibilities makes him a danger to the American people.  It’s like the old Abraham Maslow quote, “If you’re trained to use a hammer. The whole world looks like a nail.”

Mitch McConnell controls what measures and bills come up in the Senate.  What’s important to him is not how the bill will affect America.  What matters is him using his ability to control the process and see to it that what passes is based solely on the republican agenda.

This is truly disgusting and he doesn’t even have a clue as to how badly he has hurt the country.

He is a disgrace to the country and an enemy of Democracy.

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