Let’s look at three examples….

In Mexico, president Obrador visited the elderly mother of convicted felon El Chapo and shook her hand, dismissing all concerns about social distancing and setting a poor example for the vulnerable people of Mexico to follow.  There are fewer ventilators in Mexico than there are in the state of New Jersey.  He basically handed this woman a death sentence since two governors Obrador recently met tested positive for the virus,


Brazil.  President Bolsonaro demanded that the states rescind their corona virus lockdowns immediately and start up the economy.  He called the governors, “job killers” and said their actions could result in social chaos.  Bolsonaro ignored his own health minister’s call for social distancing and suggested people shop and go to church as usual.


U.S.  Not to be outdone, when the captain of the aircraft carrier USS Theodora Roosevelt said, regarding the outbreak of Covid-19 on his ship, “Decisive action is required now,” after 70 men tested positive.”  Captain Brett Crozier wrote an urgent memo that the spread of the disease on his shop was accelerating because social isolation was impossible for a crew of 4,000 men.  He asked that 90% of the crew be removed and quarantined, while the rest of the crew remain to sanitize and ensure security and maintain the nuclear reactors.  “We are not at war,” he said, and, “sailors do not need to die.”


For his great concern for his crew and the lives of many young men who serve their country selflessly, he was removed from his post.  Navy Secretary Thomas Modly, in (fanatical) support of Donald Trump’s policy and wishes, told the ship’s sailors over the loudspeaker system on Monday, that Capt. Brett Crozier was “too naive or too stupid” to lead the ship after warning higher ups of the Navy’s slow response to the Coronovirus pandemic on the nuclear-powered carrier.

What rock or mud puddle did these scumbags craw out from?  Is thus the best we can do?

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