Make no mistake, it was the U.S. that ordered the bombing of the Russian military plane. The U.S. Military is playing a deadly game of escalation: pushing Russia to the brink in the hopes of expanding the war just short of nuclear Armageddon. Why would they do that? War is big business. One tomahawk missile costs one million dollars. Generals, who press for escalation, will, upon the end of their military careers, be offered a corner suite in the glass and chrome towers of the military contractors. Remember what the Godfather said, “It’s just business.” Young men killed, crippled, paralyzed, 687 billion spent on military endeavors while our infrastructure crumbles, schools close, the poor and homeless suffer. It is truly ugly but hey, “What are the lives and futures of others worth when I can make millions?” That is the attitude and policy of our military and political leaders: gutless men like Obama who crumble and wilt before the onslaught of pressure by the generals.

Instead of confronting Russia, we could form a coalition: Cooperate and destroy ISIS, end Russian sanctions, bring them into the world economic and political community. Russia does not want war with the West, they want to be recognized and treated with respect. Instead the West alienates Russia and risk a Third World War.

It’s business as usual in America.

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