All Muslims are required to donate (The Zakat 2.5% of capital assets – each year). This money goes directly to fund the Jihad – the killing of infidels, the taking of their land, buying weapons. Every Muslim gives the Zakat and every Muslim knows exactly where this money goes. Therefore, no transfers of monies will be allowed from Muslims to any people or causes in Muslim countries. Only charities approved by the country they live in will be eligible to receive donations. Any attempt to transfer funds to, donate to any person or group recognized as a terrorist organization will be treated as supporting a terrorist organization and the person imprisoned or deported.

Four separate studies have found that eighty percent of U.S. mosques teach jihad, Islamic supremacy and hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians. Therefore, mosques will be outlawed. Any worshiping must be done in churches approved by the country they live in. It will be a crime to hold prays to the Koran or to Muhammad in a public place.

Madrassas teach only the Koran, which preaches hate and killing. It does not teach the sciences or true history or sociology. Therefore, all; madrassas must be outlawed. Muslims must go to public schools. No home schooling allowed.

Of course there is an alternative open to all Muslims. If they cannot live under these conditions, then either don’t come to America (or any Western country), or leave the one you are in.

All Muslims aspire to the example of Muhammad who was a pedophile, a schizophrenic, an epileptic, a liar and a murder. Do you really want people in your country to aspire to this man?

If you do nothing, if you do not believe the statistics and the facts, be prepared to live under Sharia law. It will come to England within 20 years and come to America within 50 years. That may seem a long time to Westerners, but Muslims have been waiting for 1,400 years.

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