Who I am; what I stand for…

Dear friends:

As a writer of military, scientific and political novels, I have made it my mission to awaken people to the suffering, injustices, acts of barbarism and the dangers of runaway technology in the world. My books address the most serious threats to people and to world peace. Only if we are aware of circumstances in the world can we do anything about them. That is my purpose. From the death camps in North Korea, to the spying on Americans, to the risk of computer hacking turning into a kinetic war, to the slow growth of fascism in America, to the U.S. government and banks support of the drug cartels, I attempt to create a spark of righteous indignation in others.

I have been a political activist for the past twenty years, corresponding with Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, and others.

Edward Snowden told us the reality of government spying. But there has been one piece of the puzzle left out from the scenario. In my book, “The Patriot Betrayal,” readers learn the reason behind government spying on American citizens.

Next month, my first book comes out on Amazon.com. Anyone can put a book up on Amazon. It is free to do so. The difference of success or failure is in the marketing. And the key to that marketing is “Five star reviews.”

Amazon uses computer algorithms to determine where a book is placed on the list of over four million books. There are many ways to move up on the list, but “5 star reviews” is the only way open to the aspiring writer. As few as twenty-five “5 Star Reviews” can lift a book from number four million to number four hundred.

This is not about me. My books are not simply entertainment; they are educational, informative, urgent. In “Code 6 North of the DMZ, my protagonist goes into North Korea to liberate the internment camps. In the course of the story, readers become aware of just how horrific conditions in North Korea are (both inside and outside the camps)…

Mi-hi tossed a heavy metal ladle into the sink, which clanged off every side of the basin before coming to a rest, wiped her hands viciously with a towel, and threw that into
the sink as well. “Our safety is unimportant,” she reminded the others. “We are six
people, important only for what we do, not who we are. If we do not succeed, then
another forty thousand people die of starvation or firing squad each year.
“The world already knows that,” Paul assured. “It’s just that people are focused on their own issues.”
“No!” Mi-hi insisted. “They receive the news after it has been sanitized, white-washed. Do you think they know prisoners throw up then try to eat the food again like regurgitating cows?”
“No, I–,” Paul began.
“Or sift through pig dung for a cornel of undigested corn?”
“No,” Paul stammered. “You’re right, but we don’t have the time to change their mindset or re-educate them. And we can’t get ahead of ourselves. We need to focus on the narrow mission parameters.”
“That is not enough!” Mi-Hi said in a shaky voice. “We can do more! We must destroy the camps and the factories where living skeletons are tied to the machines eighteen hours a day, then end the reign of the Kims.” She looked at Paul and Borya as if they had been living in some gated community listening only to government approved broadcasts.

From my book, “To Live and Die in Juarez”…

The drug war is a total scam, prescription drugs kill 300,000 a year, while marijuana kills no one, but they spend billions a year ‘fighting’ it, because pot heads make for good little slaves to put into private prisons, owned by companies who fill the coffers of legislators, and financed by the banks who launder the drug money.

* * *

My first book going up on Amazon (and my most important) is “The Patriot Betrayal.” Readers learn the real reason behind government spying on American citizens. Eric Snowden told us of the depth of the U.S. spying, but even he did not tell us why it was occurring. A small section from the book…

“But what’s the purpose of all the spying, the new laws, the arrests?” Lance asked.
“Control,” Tim said.
“Control who?”
“The dissidents.”
“Dissidents? I’m not following you.”
“The government isn’t worried about al Qaeda, or Islamofascists, or the Taliban. The war of terror is trumped up to give the federal government and the states a reason to introduce more laws and enforce them more strictly. They spy on the groups, learn what they planning. They infiltrated the groups with FBI, ATF agents, or with paid informants. If they’re non-violent, the foment violence. They destroy the groups’ credibility and ability to gain traction.
“You see, the government’s – or the men and institutions behind the scenes – greatest fear is the people themselves. The banksters and the corporations have taken
just about all they can from the public. When citizens have nothing to lose, they revolt. The American people are very close to that right now. And the closer they get to being destitute, disillusioned, demoralized, the more laws, the more manpower the government’s going to need to control them.

Jeffry Weiss