After Attorney general William Barr released his summary of the Mueller report, republicans crowed, “No collusion,” then ridiculed Schiff for continuing to press the case against Trump.

Some have even demanded his resignation and invoked the comparison of Schiff with the red-hunting legacy of Joe McCarthy who chased Communists in the 1950s.

In response, Schiff said, “My colleagues think that it’s okay that Russia offered dirt on a Democratic candidate for President.  You might find it okay that when that information was offered to the President’s son, Donald Jr. did not contact the FBI and did not refuse foreign help.  They might say it’s okay to do those things; it’s what’s necessary to win an election.  I don’t think so.  It’s unethical, unpatriotic, corrupt.”

The president responded to this insistence on getting to the truth, reestablishing the rule of law, holding politicians to a higher standard, by saying, “Little pencil neck Schiff.  He has the smallest, thinnest neck I have even seen” – debasing the very structure of our government by personal attacks.  He went on to say that the democrats are sick people.

Newly a[pointed William Barr sold his soul for the attorney general job, protecting the president by using every trick in the book, even to the point of flat-out lying to congress.

While Trump and the republicans dismissed the Mueller report as a witch hunt, what Mueller said was he felt Trump and associates did break the law but that a special prosecute could not indict a sitting president.

The U.S. attorney of the Southern District of NY is not bound to the same constrains Mueller was.  They are investigating every aspect of Trump’s personal and business transactions. Trump stole his inheritance from his siblings, lied about the transfer and the amounts to avoid paying taxes on the inheritance, laundered tens of billions of dollars in Russian Oligarch money through real estate deals, lied on his tax returns, lied to banks by making false statements of net worth and income, use campaign donation to enrich himself. was paid one hundred million dollars by billionaire Sheldon Adelson to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

This subhuman thief, liar, degenerate is destroying America with his hatred for anything done by anyone else.  He hated any deal made without him because he is, after all, “The Master of the Deal.”  What he is, is master of theft, lies and scams.”

He hates Black people just like his father who was sued by the Justice Dept for racial discrimination and once marched with the KKK.

Trump hates Obama because Obama was well-like, Black, intelligent and articulate. Pretty much the opposite of Trump” a foul-mouth bigot, misogynist.

This pig of a president, this vindictive, animalistic, ignorant piece of scum is undermining the rule of law in America, belittling and demeaning the legislators elected by the people to uphold the law and protect our institutions

Trump would tear down the edifices of democracy to promote his personal agenda of hate, greed and selfishness.

The president of the United States is supposed to represent the American people and democracy and free capitalism.  That person must be held to a higher standard than, “Well, he’s guilty, but we can’t indict him because he is a sitting president.”

A president is subject to impeachment even without being found guilty of a crime.   Trump has clearly crossed that line even before the South District gets to him and chokes him like chicken

Democracy is vulnerable because of Trump’s actions.  The rule of law is vulnerable because Trump flaunts the law.

Trump has crossed the line many times.  By firing the head of the FBI and the attorney general.  He has set a dangerous precedent: that it’s okay to keep replacing individuals until you get to one who will not prosecute you.  And he found a new attorney general who stated before he was chosen that the investigation against Trump was founded on bogus legal theory.  William Barr: a pig who eats at a trough sucking up the swill he is fed by Trump, lapping it up and thanking the president for the privilege of serving a subhuman.

Nixon tried to do the same thing with his “Saturday Night Massacre.”

We cannot allow Trump’s behavior to become the new norm.   Where a president can engage in any unethical behavior as long as he can get away with it.

The prosecution and impeachment of Trump have not moved forward because republicans are afraid of Trump.  He is vindictive and never forgets a slight.  Trump would readily campaign for a democratic opponent of any Republican Congressman or Senator who defies him.  It is these gutless, weak-kneed, two-faced, legislators who would rather see the country sink into depravity than risk their tenure.

The press is not the enemy of the state.  Trump is the enemy and these brave men and women Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Warren and others are fighting for our freedoms while being denigrated, demeaned, threatened by Trump.

William Barr, a suck up who groveled at the feet of Donald Trump for the attorney general job is not acting as the country’s AG, he is acting as Trump’s defense attorney.  This bastard should be indicted for impersonating a human being.

Barr is withholding the unredacted version of the Mueller report from Congress.  This is against the law and the constitution which says the Justice Dept. has a statutory obligation to keep the House Judiciary committee informed of all information uncovered during an investigation

The Republicans in Congress and the Senate are cowards groveling at the feet of Trump.  Without the support of the republicans to impeach Trump, it will fall on the people to vote this piece of slime out of office.

The republican in Congress and the Senate are going t follows Trump into hell.  When trump is impeached or voted out of office, those same loyalists, when questioned as to their upholding the constitution, will say they were only supporting the polices of the president.  That is exactly what the German people said after Hitler was defeated.

America will not forget….

Senate Republican Leader: Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

Republican Whip: John Thune of South Dakota

Chair of the Conference: John Barrasso of Wyoming

Policy Committee Chair: Roy Blunt of Missouri

Vice Chair of the Conference: Joni Ernst of Iowa

Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee: Todd Young of Indiana


The day of reckoning is coming, and those who placed their personal agenda and political office above those of the country will burn in hell


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