We cannot consider a solution until we address the roots of the problem.  The police violence against people of color in today’s society is like an iceberg.  We are seeing 10% of the problem if we look only at the issue of police brutality (which does mean dismissing it).

The problem began in 1619, 400 years, ago when the first slave were kidnapped in Africa.  When they were brought here, they were denied schooling, denied proper medical attention, denied self-worth, denied individuality, denied power to make deacons in their own best interests.

Yes, Lincoln freed the slaves in 1865 but all that changed little.  Freed slaves continued to work the land of the white master.  Still denied schooling or respect, or the power to create a new, better, life for themselves.

In 1963 they were first admitted to colleges in America, but that only benefited a select few.  Blacks were still denied decent employments due to lack of education, the color of their skin, their work experience.

The Civil rights program did not change the underlying problem.

Now, more Blacks are going to college (but not nearly the percentage of Whites, Asian).  They attend community colleges, not the elite schools.  How can a Black man qualify for the best schools when they live in fear, where they are surrounded by gangs which demand enrollment, where there is little food on the table and no quality food at all.  Brains do not grow properly on such foods.  Black students cannot study if there are gunshots at night, if they live in fear,

By the time they graduate high school, they are two or three grades behind in education compared to Whites who have the best diets, attend the best schools, the availability of tutors, and are members of debate teams, take music lessons, and play organized sports.

Blacks are denied good jobs due to limited schooling, poor articulation, and again, the color of their skins which is interpreted by White employers to mean less qualified.

So, how do we move forward?

Take the police out of their cars and walk the streets.  Present themselves to Black kids and their families as mentors and protectors.  Require all police recruits to pass a psychological evaluation to weed out violence-prone, sociopathic, prejudice, racist candidates.

Increase the food stamp program and make the cards not work at bodegas or 7-11s, or able to purchase junk food.

Make tutors available in every school.

Keep schools open longer so kids can play sports, join after school activities,  Have snack food available: good food: fruits, nuts, etc. and not return to their homes until dinner, thereby being less a target for crime or gangs demanding new members.

Make sure every student has a computer with wi-fi access.

Have teachers or school representatives visit the home of each student once a year (at least) to assess their needs and problems they face.

Free higher education, but not just college, trade schools for those who would rather work with their hands (as Germany does).

Crime: the real crime is locking up boys, guilty and not guilty, because they cannot put up bail.  Make non-violent crimes of first offenders free of bail.

In Mobile City, St, Louis, Missouri, where Michael Moore was killed, the police wrote more citations that the number of people living there.  City council saw the population of poor black people as “cash cows.”  27% of the city budget was paid for by fines against poor people (almost exclusively Black).  City Council people who violate the spirit of the law should be fired.  Those who violate the letter of the law should be prosecuted.

Sound good?  Yes, but how do we pay for all of this?

It costs $55,000 a year to house inmates.  It cost $40,000 for a four year college education (except the elite schools).  Inmates do not pay taxes.  Inmates are taken advantage of, especially in private jails that assess more rules, adding 67% more time for the same crime than state run institutions.  Private jails should be closed and the principles put on trial.

People in school don’t commit crimes (the great majority).

People who work often have health coverage and do not delay getting treatment, lowering the cost of heath care by billions of dollars a year.

People who work have better self-worth; thereby act with long-term interests in mind.

People with education more often see than their children are educated.

The pay back ratio (what education programs cost verses what they return, is 6:1.  For every dollar invested in education, six dollars are returned to society.

Give people of color the same options White, wealthier people have: the choice of better foods, being free from crime, school lunch programs with healthy foods, not Pizza and sodas.  Pepsi, Coke, Frito Lays, Burger King, MacDonald’s, Arbys’ , etc., pay off school  districts to get their junk food i to schools that reek havoc with students blood sugar levels, and thereby their ability to retain information.  Deny them access unless they can come up with food approved by school dieticians.

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