September 9, 2001

In early September of 2001, just days before the attacks on America, a number of unidentified people invested heavily in put options of the ill-fated airlines and insurance companies covering The World Trade Towers. Those individuals, or the groups they represented, made millions of dollars when the stocks of American and United Airlines and Travelers Insurance Company dropped precipitously after Sept 11th. No one was ever investigated or brought to justice.

What was as suspicious as the movement of monies and the purchase of stock options, was that the insider trading information was ignored by the CIA who had long monitored such trades – in real time – as potential warnings of terrorist attacks and other economic moves contrary to U.S. interests. The CIA had specific software to look for those anomalies.

A lot of times, banks and stock brokerage houses will hedge their bets, however, they don’t normally buy options, which only give them a position in the stock for a short period of time, usually three, six, or nine months. In the case of 9/11, all the trades were ‘put options’, a bet that the stock of the chosen companies would go down…in the very near future.

On September 21st, ten days after the World Trade Tower attacks, the Institute for Counter Terrorism penned an article entitled: ‘Black Tuesday: The World’s Largest Insider Trading Scam?’ They documented trades connected to 9/11. Between September 6th and 7th ten times as many put options were bought on American and United Airlines as call options. Again, there was no news at that point to justify the imbalance.”

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, which occupied twenty-two floors of the World Trade Center, saw over two-thousand put options bought in the three trading days before Black Tuesday; that compared to an average of thirty contracts per day before September 6th. That’s almost a hundred times as many people betting the stock would go down than up.

The same thing occurred with Merrill Lynch & Co. Twelve thousand put options bought in the four trading days before the attacks; the previous average had been two-hundred and fifty contracts per day, a twelve hundred percent increase.

On September 29, 2001, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that investors had yet to collect more than twenty-two point seven million in profits they made trading options in those stock before the terrorist attacks.

According to a source familiar with the trades and market data,” Paul continued, “the uncollected money raised suspicions that the investors – whose identities and nationalities have never been made public – had advance knowledge of the strikes.

The suspension of trading for four days after the attacks made it impossible to cash out quickly and claim the prize before investigators started looking. After that they didn’t dare show up.

The incestuous relationship between the CIA and the banks began with Clark Clifford. Clifford was instrumental in getting the corrupt CIA drug bank, BCCI, a license to operate on American shores. That was the bank the CIA used to launder their money. He later became Secretary of Defense.

John Foster Dulles designed the CIA for Clifford. Allen Dulles was the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland where he met frequently with Nazi leaders and looked after U.S. investments in Germany.

Bill Casey, a Wall St. lawyer, was Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director, and served as chief coordinator during the Iran-Contra years when drug money was used to buy missiles, which were then transferred to Iraq who used them to kill a half million Iranians.

George Bush, Sr. served as CIA Director before he became president, and is now a paid consultant to the Carlyle Group, an asset management firm that’s got its dirty little hands in every country. They also share joint investments with the bin Laden family.

John Dutch, Citigroup, the nation’s second largest bank, which has been repeatedly and overtly involved in the documented laundering of drug money.”

A woman who worked for the CBOE: the Chicago Board Options Exchange was asked what happened to the investigation of all the profits made by those who bought put options on the airlines stocks before 9-11. She said, “It would have been easy for the CBOE to find out who was behind the trades, but the government came in and told the BOE president to stop the investigation.” She emphasized, “the CBOE erased all the data. Our data on the trades is gone.”


In 1941, America was strongly isolationist. The people, and Congress, didn’t want to go to war again. It’d only been twenty-two years since the end of the First World War and we even had to be dragged into that one by J.P. Morgan, who was making tens of millions of dollars selling armaments to England and was behind the newspapers screaming for blood. It was business as usual.

Anyway, the American people believed it was Europe’s war and had little to do with the United States. Roosevelt thought different. He felt that the war would soon come to the shores of America. And so he did the unthinkable. Military intelligence had broken the Japanese code months before. Roosevelt knew the Jap plans to bomb Pearl Harbor. He allowed the attack to happen so that there would be unequivocal support for the war.”

Two thousand four hundred and two Americans were killed and one thousand two hundred and eighty-two injured at Pearl Harbor. Keep that figure in mind.

The neo-conservatives, led by Irving Kristol and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, trumped up the war in southeast Asia to stop the spread of Communism and gain a foothold for democracy in the region. The Communist threat was exaggerated by the CIA and endorsed by the neocons. Then General Westmoreland lied about the body count.

That “war” was supposed to cause no more than a few thousand casualties, but nobody told the Viet Cong and nobody considered the possibility of China coming into the war on the side of North Vietnam.

Project for a new American Century

After that came the modern day neocons – led by Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfield – who envisioned democracies in the Middle East and then have it spread…or at least install leaders they could control. That led to Mubarak in Egypt, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Shah in Iran.

But when Saddam wouldn’t go along with the program, they just made up an incredulous scenario in order to invade, and while they were at it, take control, or at least insure the flow, of half the world’s oil.

When the Arab Spring came, they thought Democracy had finally come to the Middle East and all their machinations were justified. Instead came the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamofascists, and religious extremists. Now it’s back to square one: ferment unrest, overthrow the duly elected leaders and install their own men, and try it again.

What was America to gain by going to war with the Taliban and Al Qaeda? First, revenge for 9/11, then installing democracies, and then Pipelines. Afghanistan is adjacent to Middle Eastern countries that are rich in oil and natural gas. And though Afghanistan may have little petroleum itself, it borders countries with huge natural gas reserves. Those lines are the jewel in the crown of U.S. strategy to bypass Russia and Iran.”

The precedent had already been set: starting in the First World War. Twelve hundred on the Lusitania, a ship carrying a huge amount of armaments to England that the passengers were never told about. Two thousand four hundred and two at Pearl
Harbor. An estimate of a few thousand deaths in Vietnam that morphed into 54,000. Three thousand on 9/11. Four thousand in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems as though a few thousand lives is the acceptable price to pay to draw America into war.

I’m not saying it wasn’t Al Qaeda. I’m saying that the US knew about it and did nothing to stop it. Israel’s Shin Bet swears it told the US of a “major attack” coming in September and that hundreds of Jihadists had entered the country.

According to the 9/11 Commission, sixteen of the nineteen highjackers should not have gotten into the United States at all because there was something wrong with their visas, something wrong with their passports. They should simply have been stopped at the border.

Operation Northwoods was a plan approved by the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962. One proposal in the plan suggested that covert operatives commit multiple acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and blame Cuba thus providing a pretext for invasion.”

In September 2000 a group called ‘The Project for a new American Century’, which included the same old players: Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, released a strategic treatise entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses. That treatise may also have been a blueprint for 9/11 attacks. Specifically, the language in the paper read. “The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Predicting the next war

If you want to predict the future, create it. There times when wars are fought for noble purposes, where there are no alternatives. However, those wars are far and few between. Since WWII, not one war the U.S. has fought can be justified on the grounds of saving America from danger or the destruction of our economy or the conquering of an ally. Vietnam 1955-1973), Korea (1950-53), first Gulf War (1991), Bosnia (1993-95), Second Gulf War (2001-2013) all resulted in creating more enemies, the spending of billions of dollars, and the loss of tens of thousands of American lives.

One might conclude that such wars were actions to prevent the spread of Communism, to protect U.S. corporate interests, or retaliate for 9/11. However, there is another reason for war…and that is to train a new generation of NCOs and officers for future combat. Soldiers are tested under fire and in war-like conditions. Sometimes, this has meant creating enemies for the future. Actions such as keeping prisoners for a decade in Guantanamo Prison, without ever being charged, assures us of a continual stream of such enemies. This is, in fact, how Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi evolved. He was arrested, imprisoned for four years in Camp Bucca for four years. When he was released, he said, “See you guys in New York,” a reference to his intention to carry the fight to the West.

One may ask how many Abu Bakrs we have created with drone attacks against people in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, and Mali. Taking into account that 6 civilians are killed for every one terrorist, the number of future U.S. enemies will insure many wars to come.

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