The next time you speak to people who are certain aliens live among us, pose this scenario….

The universe is 13.7 billion light years in every direct you look. Now, let’s suppose an alien race lives very close to us, say only one billion light years from us. So, they travel to our world either by being in suspended animation for a billion years, or they use worm holes to get to us much quickly**

That would mean they have attained a level of technology and advancement thousands, possibly millions of years more advanced than us.

Either way, they come here. They don’t help us save the planet from pollution; they don’t help us solve starvation, disease, wars, genocides, dying seas, global warming, and pandemics. They just walk around and pretend to be one of us.

With all due respect, your friends are living in a fantasy world. My studies indicate that it is the people who are most unhappy in their lives, or are unfulfilled emotionally, financially or physically that are the ones who believe in ghosts, angels, aliens, Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster. Anything that makes their lives less boring, more interesting.

And they only people who have ever said they were abducted by aliens were grave diggers, moonshiners, hick farmers with 6th grade educations. Not once was scientist or a mathematician or a highly educated person ever been “abducted.”

** according to Micho Kaku, in order to hold open a worm hole large enough for a ship to go through would take all the energy in a galaxy.

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