You know about Bannon, Bolton, Pompeo, acting chief of staff, Mike Mulvaney and Giuliani: idiots who think themselves geniuses, arrogant men who think they know more than anyone, greedy, for power, money, recognition, admiration; people beyond redemption.

Now a new face appears: Presidential adviser Stephen Miller

Miller has promoted white nationalist sites before joining Trump’s staff.

According to 900 e-mails he sent to Steve Bannon, now with Bret Bart News, Miller is the driving force in the trump administration’s hard line immigration policies.  He argued against giving Mexican victims of 21015 Hurricane Patricia temporary refuge in the U.S. sighting a link from a site that endorses the “white genocide” theory that people of color are scheming to overtake Whites.

Miller raged against Amazon for halting sales of Confederate flags after the 2015 massacre in a Charleston S.C. church.

In e-mails to Bret Bart News, he urged their editors and writers to read, “Camp of the Santos,” a dystopian novel that depicts refugees as murders and rapists.

AOC called Miller a bonafide White Nationalist.

He is also a piece of scum who, instead of setting aside his own twisted, sickening, disgusting beliefs and upholding the values this country was founded on, he uses his position to spread divisiveness and hatred.  But you’ll never see him in the trenches where White Supremacists battle with liberals.  You’ll never see him carrying a sign or fighting for his cause.

He is a gutless piece of shit.

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