In the long history of capitalism, Jeff Bezos’ empire is without precedent.  The company controls 40% of all e-commerce in the U.S. It conducts more searchers that Google; it controls almost half of the cloud-computing industry, serving everyone from Netflix too the CIA.  It is responsible for 42% of all boo sold and 33% of the market for streaming video.  It has collected the world’s most comprehensive catalog of consumer desires.

Last yea, Amazon paid zero taxes on $11.2 billion in profits.  And our government rewards this behavior by awarding huge contracts to Amazon.

Some say, “Jeff Bezos has won capitalism.”

More than two million small businesses in the U.S. use Amazon services.  200,000 sellers earned at least $100,000 each on this site.

His manta is selling everything as fast and as cheaply as possible.  This leaves no time for oversight, fact-checking, ethics, and promises and warranties.

What Amazon does do is closely follow the products and strategies of its most successful sellers, then copy their products and push the competition out.

In the rush to speed up delivery has taken a heavy toll on employees who are required to wear trackers that measure every step the employee takes, every minute of break time, bathroom time, and lunch time.  Because of that pressure, there have been at least 60 serious or fatal accidents involving Amazon since 2015.  Other employees have had nervous breakdowns.’’  On Amazon’s 18-member “elite team” there is only one woman.

Amazon’s prides itself with seeking out opposing opinions regard work practices.  However, many feel that is just a sham to look socially correct.  However it does not use the info gathered, or follow through on the suggestions.

Yet with huge lobbying muscle that is drawn from the highest ranks of Washington insiders, most say Bezos is hedging his bets.

If my articles interest you, please use the link to check out my website and books:

If my articles interest you, please use the link to check out my website and books:


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If you appreciate my articles, please check out my books. I think you'll really enjoy them Just use the link below to go directly to my website.

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