This was due to the confluence of three things:

1) Donald Trump legitimized and normalized hate, vengeance, and brutality.  Made those acceptable responses to against anyone with divergent views, race, ethnicity, skin color other than white.

2) Covid separated people from one another, giving free reign to those wanting to blame the virus on others, to see any minority as fodder for their hate and frustration.  People no longer had to respect or deal with people with different views or backgrounds.  Isolation bred the ugliest, most selfish, most heinous of intentions and actions.

3) Because so many people were out of work, and forced to stay home, they spent all their free time on the internet where conspiracy theories and hate and vindictiveness reign supreme.  They found themselves going down wormholes to more and more insane scenarios.  Where, in a pre-Trump society, a rumor or a conspiracy theory would have been laughed at, now there are people who actually believe that the Democratic Party is using transsexual black people to kidnap babies and take them into the basements of pizza parlors where the democrats are waiting to drink their blood.

This is the new norm in our country, at least for those who believe in and follow Donald Trump….a man with an 80 I.Q. who lies 88% of the time.

This is a sad commentary on our society.  How far, how low we have come when people believe a lying, ignorant, arrogant, degenerate, thieving, rapist?

We are at a crossroads where Trump followers are willing to destroy our democracy in order to gain power and remain in power.

I wish I saw light at the end of the tunnel but I fear a return of Donald Trump.  The Republican Party awaits their leader, ready with open arms to institute his demented, vengeful, insane agenda that will destroy any semblance of democracy left in America.

The Republican Party is prepared to eviscerate the Bill of Rights, trash the Constitution and make a mockery of the Declaration of Independence.

They think that if they support Trump they will be the beneficiaries of his largess.  What they do not understand is that Trump hates everyone, not just Democrats.  Trump cares only about power: absolute power.  He is prepared to declare martial law, take over the internet (which he perceives has disrespected him), takeover the TV stations so that no opposing points of view can be heard, control the airports and sea ports so that only certain people will be able to leave or enter the country.

Only the large corporations that kick back huge sums of money will be allowed to operate in America.  The country will revert to coal and gas cars.  Solar and Nuclear energy will no longer receive government subsidies.  Hydro and wind power technology will be banned and made illegal.

No media that disputes or denigrates or questions the policies of a Trump administration will be allowed to operate.  The penalties for insubordination, questioning or refuting his policies will be incarceration without changes, will be denied access to an attorney, denied a bail hearing, and held incommunicado indefinitely.

Git Mo will see its population, its authority, and its mandate increased dramatically.

Any rights you thought were sacrosanct will be gone.  Any freedoms you assumed were forever will be taken away, without a court deciding, without a trial.

And this will apply to all people, not just Democrats.  If you recall, Trump denigrated, demeaned, publicly crucified many of the most qualified, honored and professional Republicans who served in his administration…before he fired them.

If you think you, as a member of QAnon, The Proud Boys, The Alt. Right, White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, The Oath Keepers, the Groyper Army and conspiracy theorists. are immune from his abuse and constriction, you do not know who and what Donald Trump is.  The theme of a second Donald trump administration will be, “only policies that enrich Donald will be approved, America be damned.”

If you want to know and see in advance of his coronation, what a second Trump will look like, simply read any account of Recep Erdogan of Turkey, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, Vladimir Putin in Russia or Rodrigo Duterte of The Philippines.  Read the accounts of those living under the iron fist of men with no conscience, no empathy, no remorse.

If you think that a Trump victory in 2024 will begin a new Republican administration, you are wrong.  On Jan. 21st 2024, Donald Trump will initiate a government that will suppress the rights of ALL people, not just Democrats.  People who think Trump is loyal to Republican are, once again, wrong.  It will be Donald Trump’s agenda which to total power over every aspect of government and society.  You will be living in a dictatorship and you watch with wide-eyed wonder all your rights eviscerated.

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