If you compared American politicians or Presidential candidates with those in other parts of the world, it will turn your stomach.

Our politicians: both present and potential are a farce, a joke when compared to men and women like…

David Cameron in the U.K
Francois Hollande in France
Angela Merkel, Germany
Justin Trudeau, Canada
Shinzō Abe, Japan
Mauricio Macri, the new present of Argentina
Rafael Correa of Ecuador
Finland, President Sauli Niinistö
Greece rime Minister – Alexis Tsipras

Indonesia, president – Joko Widodo

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta (a man accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide is now leading his country into prosperity and the 21st century.
Philippines, president – Benigno Aquino

Singapore President – Tony Tan, Prime Minister – Lee Hsien Loong – the best run country in the world.
Spain, Mariano Rajoy
I would put our politicians on par with Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, Mansur Hadi of Yemen, Ptero Porsshenko of Ukraine, Recep Erdogan of Turkey: dictators, megalomaniacs, prejudiced, irrational men.

Our politicians aren’t qualified to maintain the toilets in those administrations. In any other country, the American politicians would be on the same level as Bepi Grillo of Italy: a former clown who entered politics or Silvio Berlusconi who organized “Bonga, Bonga” parties where he had sex with underage (think Bill Clinton) illegal, enslaved girls.

Do you know what separates those politicians from ours?

1) Sanity
2) Rationality
3) Reason
4) Compassion
5) Logic
6) A social, national agenda that precedes personal agenda.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE…Foreign Politicians Place Their Country’s Good Over Their Personal Goals Or Party Loyalties

Good luck in finding a diamond in the rough in American Politics.

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