Ashton Carter (secretary of defense) and Barack Obama say the Russia is our primary enemy who must be contained.  This is a total fabrication.  First, we were allies in the Second World War

27 million Russian Deaths

419,000 U.S. deaths

Russia saved Europe, NOT the U.S.

Russia was almost rewarded for their efforts by a U.S. to nuke a country they perceived MIGHT be a future threat.

When the Berlin War came down, the U.S.  And the EU promised not to move east and incorporate the previous USSR States.  The U.S. immediately broke that promise.

Russia helped negotiate the nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

Russia offered to join the US in an effort to stop the war in Syria – turned down

Russia helped negotiate the chemical weapons deal in Syria when the U.S. set a red line which Syria crossed, making the U.S. look impudent.

So why does the U.S. government classify Russia as our greatest threat?

The U.S. military looks for opportunities to train a new generation of leaders.  The U.S. military is trained for war. That is their sole purpose.  They will take every opportunity to fight. And when there are no legitimate opportunities, they will create them.

The military / industrial complex always pushed for war.  That is how they make their money – supplying weapons, hardware, ships, planes, and tomahawk missiles at a million dollars each.

If you read “1984” by George Orwell, you will see that the U.S.government is copying that foreign policy WORD FOR WORD.  It is the game plan of our government: always be at war and you can pass any legislation desired.  Always at war means people who have very little have something to occupy their minds except their own poverty.

George Orwell espoused that philosophy in 1948 and our government loved it so much they copied it.

Russia is not our enemy, our government who wants to be at war at all times and generals who were born and bred to fight…like pit bulls, and the military industry – led by Dick Cheney’s Halliburton are the enemy.

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