The ramifications of Trump pulling American troops out of Syria will be felt for years.  And not just by the Kurds, but by the thousands of American troops who will have to go back to Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS again.

The Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces suffered 360 casualties in the first few days of the Turkish assault.  Hundreds of ISIS detainees escaped from prison secured by the Kurds

The U.S. military left behind 60 “high value” ISIS prisoners: the leaders of the ISIS movement and their best military tacticians. An estimate 300,000 Kurds fled their homes. Besides the Kurds killed by the Turks, 9 we hanged, including a prominent politician.

The U.S. pull out has been called a betrayal by many, and not jut the Kurd.  Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a staunch defender of Trump said the decision to abandon the Kurds is a complete and utter national security disaster.

The vacuum left by the U.S. withdrawal being filled by the Russians and the troops of Syrian dictator Basar al-Assad.

Russia is now the dominant player in the Middle East after thousands of U.S., and tens of thousands of Kurds troops fought to limit the scope of Syrian and Iranian ineloquence.

In a farcical move, Trump sent Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pomepo to ask Erdogan to cease his attack on the Kurds.  They passed along a message to Erdogan that serious economic sanctions would ensure if the Turkish president continued his attack on the Kurds.  Of course that is a joke. Erdogan doesn’t care about sanctions.  Erdogan doesn’t care if his people starve.  Erdogan doesn’t care if the Turkish economy crashes.  He is a heartless, selfish, arrogant bastard.  He believes that if the Kurds are allowed to remain intact, they will eventually be a force strong enough to take and control Turkish territory.  In is mind, he is fighting for his life.’’

Trump said, “The Kurds are no angels” and “”the fighting in Syria has nothing to do with us.”  It is true the Kurds are no angles. They have killed many; however who they killed is important. They almost single-handedly defeat ISIS, losing 11,000 fighters in the prices while America lost a dozen men

Trump’s actions have been noted by many of our allies who no believe they can no longer count on American support. They will seek alignment with Russia and China and possibly Iran.

One army officer said, “This will go down as a stain on America’s reputation for decades.”

As for Trump’s declaration of wanting to get the U.S. out of the endless wars, he was, at the same time, deploying 1,800 American troops to help defend Saudi Arabia from Iran.  The implication is clear: American only cares about allies if they sell us a lot of oil and buy a lot of American weapons.

Trump’s actions and declarations are part of Trump’s policy of “winging it and relying on his brilliance as the world’s greatest negotiator.”

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