Trump’s only interest in signing a trade deal with China is to use a victory to boost his popularity and also chances for reelection.  However, he has waited too long and now China is no longer interested in a trade deal where they have to give up big concessions.  Theirs is a wait and see attitude regarding the 2020 election.

Further, China has found new markets for its goods and services.  China exported $19 billion less products to the U.S. in the third quarter of 2019 but $17 billion more to Europe, East Asia, and $20 billion to South America and Africa.

While the trade war has created an economic catastrophe for American farmers, farmers in South America and elsewhere have seen an explosion in the sale of their products.

One has to remember that Trump considers himself the Master of the Deal and his book, “The Art of the Deal,” proclaims that.  It is his story, but it will also be his epitaph.  While in New York or in Scotland where he was able to cheat people with impunity, on the international scale his is a fish out of water a minnow swimming with sharks.

He has no understanding, no comprehension of the complicated give and take, of win/win, or long-term relationships.  He is a small-mined, narrow thinking, immediate gratification fool.  A child who whines and begs and snarls and curses to get what others have but he wants.  In this case, to be the big dog on the block.  The man all other leaders come to to kiss the ring and pay homage to.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, lead Trump around by pulling on the ring in his nose while Trump thinks he is actually thinks he’s the one leading the parade.

When China agreed to resume purchases of $20 billion in American farm products annually, Trump changed the parameters to demand triple that figure.

While trump wants very much to sign a deal before the election, a Chinese trade representative said, “It’s Trump who wants to sign these deals, not us.”

Trump thinks he has leverage of Xi, but has no comprehension of the Chinese mentality of “saving face,”

If we look at all the trade deals Trump has signed, they all look very much like the deal he withdrew from originally.  Specifically NAFTA.  All Trump really wants is his name of the bill. He cares less about how the bill hurts or benefits America,

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