A former top vaccine official filed a whistleblower report this week, claiming he was demoted for raising early warning signs about the Covid-19 in late January.  Rick Bright was removed on April 22 from the directorship of the federal office overseeing Covid-19 vaccine development.  He resisted pressure to make chloroquine and hydroxychlorquine wildly available as virus treatments at a time when clinical trails said that not only were the drugs not beneficial, but were found to induce heart arrhythmia in test patients.

On January 18, Bright urged a supervisor to hold disaster planning meetings.  He was told that the White House refused to accept any study showing that the virus would spread or could be a national disaster.

In February, he raised alarms about a massive shortage of masks and other safety equipment but was again told to “not speak to the press or anyone else.”

Further, he said that drug makers with ties to the administration were given special treatment.  Bright said, “I was pressured to let politics and cronyism drive decision that could, and eventually affect the health of millions of people.”

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