With Donald opting out of the Iran nuclear deal, then sanctioning Iran so badly that even medical supplies necessary to deal with the Covid virus, Iran sought help elsewhere.

Now China will be Iran’s partner.  Tehran is selling China oil at reduced rates for 25 years and getting $400 billion in infrastructure investment.

The Chinese will hold joint military exercises with Iranian military; develop weapons systems with Iran ants share intelligence.

Now, if Iran is attacked by Israel or America, there will be Chinese troops and maintenance people on the ground.  China could respond military or Cyberly.

Instead of being part of the coalition keeping Iran part of the world community, America has pushed Iran into the hands of China.

America will no longer have economic control of Iran because the trades will be outside the U.S> Swift monetary system.

Further, with a massive cash influx, Iran will be able to placate the masses with construction projects and aid during the lock down, and also be able to spend more on its proxies:  Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza who can wreak havoc throughout the Middle East.

In all, a move which takes away American influence and hands China low priced-oil and more ports in the middle east to further their belt and road initiative.

Good thinking, Donald.

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