The senate republican majority leader is known as “Moscow Mitch,” for all his hard work to benefit Russia.  While the country and the world knows unequivocally about Russian interference in the 2016 elections, dear old Mitch blocked all attempts to increase protections against future political interference.

For the previous thirty years of his lustrous carrier, he had been a red hater, strong critic of all things Russian.

But know that it’s known Russia hates, and fears, the Democrats, and will support the reelection of Donald Trump, he has suddenly changed his position.

Last year, slippery Mitch led an effort to block the reinstatement of sanctions on Russian Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who is closely tied to Vladimir Putin.

Three months later, the Russian Aluminum company, Rusal, which, by amazing coincidence, is owned by Deripaska, announced it would invest $200 million to build an aluminum plant in Kentucky (McConnell’s home state.  Surprised?).

McConnell said his work to exempt Deripaska from sanctions was ‘Completely unrelated” to the $200 million investment.

Now, former staffers who maintain close ties to McConnell have signed on as lobbyists for the project, which is seeking $1 billion from the federal government in low-cost financing.

If this isn’t enough to impeach McConnell, then our political and legal systems have completely broken down.

Almost single-handedly, this piece of slim, this old, decrepit, senile, diseased, delusional man had stopped every effort for Democrats and Republicans to work together and pass legislation beneficial to America, not just to the republicans.

When Barak Obama was elected in 2008, McConnell announce that the only agenda the republicans had for the next four years was seeing that Obama could not pass one piece of legislation.

This ancient, 67 year old dirt bag, worth $22.5 million dollars, should be buried alive with a million red ants eating away at his eyes and flesh for a thousand years.

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