A recent college graduate, Hunter Kelly, told police of a plot he was dragged into by two right-wing extremists.  He related to police that social media antagonists, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman spent a week searching for a gay republican who would level accusations of rape against Democratic candidate Pete Buttiggieg. Wohl and Burkman flew Kelly to Washington from his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The three spent the night discussing the allegations in Burkman’s home.

In the morning, Kelly saw what Wohl and Burkman had done.

The two right wing dirt bags had posted allegations under Kelly’s name on an on-line forum.

Several news outlets reported the charges before Kelly came forth, saying he was duped.

The point of this specific instance is that it is not a one-off attempt to discredit the candidates of another party.  Trump is a lying, thieving, racist, homophobic, degenerate whose rants have set an example that makes it all right for his supporters to do anything and everything to discredit the opposition.  It is the new norm and the new low set by a president who is an enemy of democracy, a disgrace as a human being, a bitter, vindictive man who likes to see others suffer to externalize the hate he has for himself.

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