This man should have never been confirmed by Congress.  He wrote an unsolicited memo in January, 2019 to the justice dept. where he questioned the scope of Mueller’s investigation and argued that Mueller should not be permitted to demand answers from the president about possible obstruction of justice.

This was a tit-for-tat agreement: Barr denigrated the Mueller investigation, Trump appointed him attorney general.

Experts in the field of constitutional law said the Barr’s memo advances an overly expansive view of presidential powers, even suggesting the he, Barr, would order Mueller to halt further inquiry into possible obstruction of justice.

Barr said that the president has “absolute a d “all-encompassing” constitutional authority over actions by executive branch officers in carrying out law enforcement powers given them by congress including decisions about criminal investigations and prosecution

Barr suggested that in some circumstances the president can commit obstruction of justice by sabotaging a proceeding’s truth-seeking function by encouraging perjury or inducing a witness to change his or her testimony

Barr’s extreme views on presidential power diverge from Supreme Court precedent.  It was Barr who previously laid the groundwork for massive violations of American’s privacy rights in creating the NSA’s bulk data collection program.

William Barr is a grotesquely fat man who places his private agenda (food) above the people’s right to learn the truth and for its elected officials to be held to the standards set by the Supreme Court, not his standards which consider his job titlee and promotions.

Before Barr handed over the Mueller report to Congress, he redacted as much information as he possibly could, crossing the line from caution to protecting the president.

There have been calls for Barr to recue himself.  And based on the fact that there are far more important issues here than with the prior AG, Jeff Sessions, the cry is only gong to get louder

On Barr’s disclosure report, he noted he earned $15,000 from the Vector Group.  The company’s president, Howard Lorber is the same man who brought Trump to Moscow to seek investment projects.  Donald Trump called Lorber as he was setting by the Trump Town meeting with the Russian lawyer.

Barr’s former law firm represented Russia’s Alfa Bank, owned by a Russian Oligarch who was indicted by Mueller for lying to investigators about a report his firm wrote for Paul Manafort

Barr worked for Och-Ziff Capital Mgt – a hedge fund that had close connections to the June 2106 Trump Tower meeting where the subject was getting dirt on Hilary Clinton. The Ziff Brothers had clear ties to the Russian government.

Barr has major assets with Duetche Bank which was the only bank that would lend money to Trump after all his bankruptcies.

Time for Barr to step down.  Besides, he wouldn’t want to miss the next buffet.

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