For decades, Monsanto (now a part of Bayer Chemicals) swore Roundup was safe.  Now it’s been proven to be a poison that causes cancer.  In 2018, a California jury awarded jury Dwayne Johnson $289 million when his lawyers proved that Roundup weed killer caused him terminal cancer.  On appeal, the damages were trimmed to $78 million.

Bayer has now admitted to shareholders that there are 9,300 similar lawsuits pending.

While Bayer / Monsanto deny any links between roundup and Cancer, leaked internal memos prove that the companies knew that roundup caused cancer in lab animals and would, more than likely, cause cancer in humans.  The memos were suppressed internally.  The company figured that it would cost less to pay any court ordered fines than to stop selling or reconfiguring the formula of the weed-killer.  This as the exact same logic used by Ford when it was found that the company knew the Ford Pinto was prone to burst into flames when hit in the rear.  This is now known as the logic of the “bean counters” (company accountants).

Because of the recent success of law suits against Bayer / Monsanto, the market value of the stock has dropped over $3 billion.

Other big pesticide companies such as DuPont and BAST (in Germany) have seen their stock drop in value as well.

These purveyors of poison are now seeing their fortunes reversed after 15 years of record profits…at the expense of thousand of innocent lives.

Not only are their American sales being impacted, but China, their second biggest market has chosen to be less dependent on foreign companies and are now producing their own Agra products.

In support of the American lawsuits, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared that the all glyphosate-based products are “probably carcinogenic.”

France and Germany are now planning to ban such products.

What has been Bayer / Monsanto’s response to all this?  The CEO, Werner Baumann said, “We will defend all such cases with all means.”  That, instead of saying we will change our formula to protect of customers and the public.

Now it has become known that Monsanto secretly influenced scientific studies used to substantiate glyphosate-based products’ were safe.

Bayer / Monsanto could have developed new products to replace the poisons they were selling but did not.  Now, due to bans from many countries and people willing to pay more for pesticide-free products’, it is estimated that their sales will go down by 30% over the next decade.

Precision farming is growing, a process where pesticides are sprayed only on specific plants, cutting down chemical use by up to 95%.

It has been revealed that Bayer knew of the problems with roundup, but still bought Monsanto because of the company’s subsidiary (Climate) sells satellite technology to help farmers maximize their cop yields.

Make no mistake, when these big transnational companies see a way to make profits, the health and welfare of their customers will take a back seat to profits.

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