It seems as though America has not had its full of showman.  Are we really considering a man for the presidency because he is telegenic?  Has a cute name?  Once skateboarded on stage, and posted a video of himself getting a dental cleaning?

One showman wasn’t enough for America?

What the democrats need, what the country needs, is a candidate with political skills, as opposed to the ability to excite voters who compare candidates to their favorite talk shows hosts.

Haven’t we learned the lessons of what happens when you vote for a man with little or no political background, no economic training, lacking statesmanship or experience on the national and international levels.

According to some of the more respected news media, O’Rourke “has been curiously vague about his policy proposals.”

The democrats have a deep field of experienced, qualified candidates, led by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who have a track record of putting platitudes into action.

Any comparison to Barak Obama is a fantasy.  O’Rourke has none of Obama’s intellect, inspirational abilities or oratory power.  In its place, O’Rourke has substituted “Mushy centrism.”

When asked by Vanity Fair why he’s running for president, O’Rourke gushed, “Man, I’m just born to be in it.”  A phrase better attribute to a kid seeking fame in the gamer world, or a contestant in the “X” games.

In his naïveté and stupidity, O’Rourke described how it feels to give a speech.  “The words just get pulled out of me, like some greater force.”

O’Rourke is an idiot who chooses to go by the Hispanic nickname “Beto,” when his parents named him Robert.

His resume is one of failure, as a punk musician, fiction writer and tech entrepreneur.

One reporter said, “O’Rourke is a brainless rich kid on a quest to find himself.”

Let’s learn from our mistakes.  Pat O’Rourke on the head and tell him to go home and play Fortnite on his X Box.

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