The two party, three houses of government system is rife with greed, broken by ideology, corrupted by cronyism and revolving doors. It cannot be repaired and it must be replaced. But it must be done by the rule of law.
Democracy has died, killed by politicians, individuals and companies who have placed their greed above the public good. They have eschewed humanitarian causes and social good for personal gain and the ability to have fresh crab legs flown in to wherever they are vacationing.
Our political leaders and political appointees have been bought and paid for by the bankers, the military industrial complex, and the major corporations. But this goes beyond greed. These men and women are willing to see the country implode in order to line their pockets. The bankers bankrupted their own companies in order to maximize their profits during the bubble. They knew it was coming, yet still they traded toxic securities in order to ring every last dime out of their companies.
They even took positions betting against the very securities they were selling and knew were worthless.
Out legislators are doing the same thing. It is a feeding frenzy. The revolving door means there are seven and eight figure jobs waiting for the politicians if they cast their vote “the right way.” That is in favor of the bills written by the lobbyists representing those companies. Even though the country is going bankrupt in every sense of the word: economically, morally, intellectually, still the politicians vote in favor of legislation that will insure the demise of America.
Wait, you say. That can’t be right. What would they do? Where would they go if the country was bankrupt?
This is beyond greed. Politicians and the Banksters believe that with enough money they can go anywhere in the world, insulate themselves from crime, poverty, and even a reminder of what they did.
And they are about to do it again. The Banksters, led by Jamie Dimon, have fought to reverse all the laws passed to limit the types of trading their institutions do. It is now business as usual. This time they will succeed to an even greater degree.
All the pieces are in place. The government, the corporation, the military, the police know exactly what is coming and how they will deal with it.
When the banks fail, the government will be unable to sell new treasury bills to replace those maturing. When that occurs, the country is officially bankrupt. The next step is to cut all social safety nets: social security, disability, food stamps, workman’s comp, section 8 housing, etc. The corporations will turn off the utilities to those who can’t pay. Service such as trash will stop.
The government foresaw this and created the Minerva project: a timetable for what would occur and when it would occur: the breakdown of society. Yes, the police have been militarized, but little of that will be necessary. People will have no choice but to walk into the internment camps where they will have a roof over their head and food on the table. Heat in the winter air-conditioning in the summer.
People won’t have to be threatened or herded in, they will walk in voluntarily.
If you think this is fantasy, then sit back, keep tweeting, texting, “taking selfies,” checking facebook, whatsap, and all the social media sites. Trust your government to insulate you from the war on terror and drugs that exists only in your mind and believe that rainbows will protect you.

My political commentary is meant to bring a heightened consciousness and real discussion to people intent on changing social, political, and economic conditions. Politics as usual is destroying our Democracy. Government corruption demands real political change, not just a new candidate in the old system. Political leadership only leads to self-serving agendas and self aggrandizement. Politicians eschew social causes for personal enrichment. Political power corrupt morality and rationality. The result is criminal behavior and Constitutional crimes.

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