Donald Trump claimed that China withheld knowledge of the virus.  True, but that was only from late December to mid-January.  Donald Trump was given notice by the CIA in December about the spreading epidemic in China and did nothing   Even when Trade advisor Peter Navarro warned Trump that the virus could cause 540,000 American death and cost the economy $5.7 trillion dollars, Trump said, “We’ve got it under control.”  For 2 ½ months Trump thought only one thing…not how many Americas could die from the virus, but how his acknowledgment of the virus, or an announcement of the dangers, could affect his chances for reelection.  In fact, Trump would have allowed five million or fifty million Americans die if it meant his wining re-election.

As the numbers of deaths began adding up, the finger pointing blame on others began.  China showed the world how to deal with the pandemic, while the WHO, at first, took China’s position that there was no clear evidence of human to human transmission.  However, in their favor…when more data came to light, the WHO immediately announced the virus as a pandemic,

Rather than double down on the WHO, Trump withdrew $400 million in yearly funding, 22% of its total budget.  So what if the rest of the world can’t get the help it needs.  Stalin (then Trump) said it best; “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”

Then he pointed blame at Obama, the Democrats and Immigrants.  He also thought about point a finger at little green men

What ever you think about Trump, whatever line you think he wouldn’t cross to get reelected, you’d be wrong.

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