So, you make all your own decisions.  You buy what is important for you.  You decide what kind of house to buy, what car to drive, how to spend your hard earned money.


You are a cog in a wheel, a gerbil on a treadmill, a dog in a Pavlovian experiment.

Everything you think, say and do is controlled by the media, advertisers, and the government.

It feels like you’re in control but that’s a fantasy.

You watch stupid TV programs that suck the energy out of your body, waste your time, and the commercials make you think you desperately need the things they promote.

You think it’s not only okay to want a new car, a big house and nice clothing and jewelry while millions suffer around the world.

Children are starving in Yemen while America provides refueling planes to Saudi Arabia so they can kill children.

Thousands died in Haiti earthquakes.

Millions starve in Africa.

The planet is warming to a degree where the water will evaporate in lakes and streams and farmers will not be able to grow crops.

And you go out for fancy dinners and drink expensive bottles of wine or smoke that good reefer.

All absolutely essential for your happiness…you think.

How about you send that refeer to people living in corrugated aluminum huts with no running water or toilets or electricity in South Africa. They could really use a nice high to forget about their horrible existence (if you can even call it that).

Basically, what I’m saying is, your life has zero meaning until and unless you help others and stop helping yourself.

There are genocides going on, crop failures ,cholera outbreaks, 400,000 children die a year from malaria.

Do you really need a new car?  How about one a few years old? Do you need a 5,000 or 10,000 square foot house?…with rooms you don’t even need?

Wake up.  You are living a nightmare, not a dream. Every decision you make is controlled by advertisements so you are kept busy and don’t demand that they and the government help the poor, the indigent, the dispossessed in America and around the world.

Stop watching watching stupid TV shows like Dr. Pimple Popper, the biggest loser, the masked singer, America’s got talent, and all the other bullshit, mindless crap on TV.

I have a deal with my roommate.  If they see me watching anything but international news, they should blow my brains out.  Which would be okay since I wouldn’t actually be using them anyway.

Make difference in the world.a   Become a pen pal to a child in a third world country.  Donate time to the Humane society, to Habitat for Humanity, plant a tree, do SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE but feed your face and titillate your senses.

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