There are only two ways an economy grows: higher productivity and more workers.

  • More workers. The S. population growth rate is below maintenance, meaning the population, on its own, decreases each year.  The only way open to the U.S. to grow is to increase immigration.  And when we talk immigration, we are talking Mexicans: people who take the jobs Americans don’t want and who work harder than their counterparts do in the labor force.
  • Higher productivity. The S. is spending 1/10th as much retraining laid-off workers as other rich countries.  Workers are not being retrained for the jobs of the future.  And as long as Donald Trump does not fund worker retraining, and blames Immigrants for every crime since the killing of Christ, these courses of action is closed off.

Then there is the drug issue.  Keeping drugs out of the country.  First, drugs are rarely brought across the border using holes or tunnels under the fences..  And when they are, we’re talking about a few kilos.  Major drug shipments are brought in by vehicles, which go though the normal checkpoints.

Mexicans working in America do, for the most part, pay taxes.  Yet many are afraid to apply for social benefits because they believe it puts them at risk for deportation.  So, there is a net gain between money paid in and benefits taken out.

Secondly immigrants commit fewer crimes percentage-wise than do U.S. Citizens.  From 1990 to 2013, the number of undocumented immigrants in the country tripled from 3.5 million to 11.2 million. Yet during that time, violent crime rates dropped 48% nationwide.

Mexicans commit fewer crimes as a percent of their population than Whites do.  You just hear about it more from Donald Trump’s lying mouth.

There is only one over-riding reason why Mexicans are risking their lives to enter America, and that is to escape the violence that is a direct result of America’s unwillingness to legalize drugs.

I suggest making Mexico a visa-free country, legalizing drugs, and welcoming people who will help build our economy.


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