We will all need to synch up our belts and get on the bandwagon.  Our fearless leader will need our support to wade through the most ambitious plan of his presidency: the theft of an American election, a coup d etad of the executive office, a demolition of the constitution and a rape of the Bill of Rights.

I don’t think such facts should stand in the way of the reelection of “The Donald.”  We need him more than ever.  Our streets are being over run by rioters and looters and Atifa.

Yes, it’s true that all the cities but Portland are quiet and yes, it’s true that the riots escalated after Donald ordered federal shock troops to go in and arrest innocent people and hold them illegally.

Let’s all remember the movie, “Seven Days in May” when the commander of the military in America, Burt Lancaster, sends federal troops into the major communication hubs of America to take control of the air waves at the same time he overthrows the government.”  Of course any such comparison as to what the Donald is doing right now is purely a coincidence.

But still, our man represents law and order!  Well, yes, hate crimes are up 1,700% under our president, and yes he has shown support for white supremacists and the KKK (which his father was a member of).

And Donald does apologize to all those tree-hugging, acorn eating supporters for taking one and half million acres of pristine national forest and turning it over to gas, pipeline  and oil intents.

And he feels terrible about slashing job training by 90% for those laid off at a crucial time in our economy.

And yes, he admits to slashing the budgets of the FDA, EPA, and CDC so he could boost the budget of the military who desperately needed $30 billion more dollars because they were being squeezed on a meager $800 billion.

Yes, he admits that due to the budget cuts, the water is now contaminated with heavy metals, the “legal” drugs killing millions are no longer subject to law suits, the air is polluted by gas, oil, and coal particulates, especially that nasty mercury that causes brain damage in kids – are no longer regulated and they can pump out their poisons without being pestered by those dumb agencies.

The plan is for Donald to declare fraud in the voting and demand recounts through the court system until another four year term passes, then run for an unprecedented 3rd term in 2024.

We all know how important this is because if he leaves office, he will face 14 state and federal indictments by the attorney for the southern district of NY.  It seems that due to the longevity of poor Donald’s criminal acts, he qualifies for the RICCO statutes that target on-going criminal conspiracies.  How embarrassing it would be for Donald to have all his assets taken away, go to jail, have to wear non-tailored suits made of cotton.  Why the itching alone would drive him crazy.

We all know how humiliating that would be for our divine leader.  Everyone would know that Donald has been broke for decades and has only survived by laundering the money of Russian oligarchs and getting a finders fee.  And yes, it’s true that this is what Putin holds over Donald.  But hey, what’s a man to do when he’s down and out, forced to live on a few tens of millions a year.

We need to all get behind Donald and do our part.  Let’s support him in forgoing the election, demeaning, degrading and wiping his ass with the Constitution and using the Bill of Rights as a dart board.

We’ll all (oh, sorry, I mean the rich who accept all of Donald’s’ criminal, inhuman, illegal behavior because it saves them a few dollars in taxes) be better off in the end.  You know the old saying, “When the ship is sinking, the rats jump over board.

I wish I could say there is no truth to the Kushner Plan.  Jared finally did something right in his wretched life.  He, and heath care experts, developed a model based on the European state models that were the most successful in controlling the virus.  There were two parts: testing, then tracing.  It was hailed as a monumental change at a critical time in fighting the pandemic.

Of course the plan was dismissed by Donald because at that time he said, “The virus was killing mostly people in the blue states.”  And anything that kills Democrats can’t be bad.

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