You may have heard of CPAC, or Conservative Political Action Conference.  It is where the Right wing, conservative businessmen, politicians and donors meet to discuss strategies, policies and priorities.

The convention was normally held in Washington D.C. or nearby but this year was held in Hungary.  Zsolt Bayer, a key ally of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, used his bully pulpit time to degrade Black people.

Republicans invited a Hungarian racist as a featured speaker who called Jews “stinking excrement,” and referred to Romanians as ‘animals unfit to coexistence.”

Former President Trump spoke by video to praise Vitor Orban: a racist, bigot, homophobic, brutal dictator who shuttered independent news, gerrymandered his way to political dominance and gutted the judiciary.

Orban told the CPAC attendees that the key to political success was to have “your own media,” “appeal to the faithful,” and “counter LGBT propaganda.”  He also said Fox’s Tucker Carlson, who also spoke by video, should be on the air 24/7.

And this is the party some people support unequivocally, and vote for?  Be careful.  You may get what you wish for: a dictator who starts by squelching the rights of the left and progressives, then continues on to take away the rights of everyone.

If you recall, Fox News and especially Tucker Carlson, praised Putin and said he was a smart man.  They are so desperate to defeat the Democrats that they give quarter to the enemy of America and the world.  That is treasonous.  People should be in jail. People should be fined, fired, sequestered, and sentenced to mental health facilities based on the fact that their actions and words have led to the death of Americans as well as thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds inside Russia.

Why are these people able to denigrate America and support dictatorships but still have American citizenship and passports?  Why aren’t they shipped off to the countries they praise…Hungary, Russia, the Philippines, Belarus, North Korea.

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