Donald Trump is stupid, immoral, vindictive, sociopathic, cheater, liar, fool, but he alone did not bring down America and destroy its previous role in the world.  That began with the military industrial complex whereby American industry moved into 3rd world nations, stripped the natural resources, enslaved the people, and polluted the land so the indigenous could no longer grow crops and other tradable goods.  Then, when the people rose up and voted into office a socialist or Communist man who threatened to throw out the Americans, the CIA went in and overthrew the duly elected leader, instilled their own man, taught their guy to run death squads and the rest is history.  That worked until China came along with their soft power.  They went in, built roads, schools, hospitals, taught the indigenous population new skills, built their economy.  Of course China did not do this all out of the goodness of their heart.  They were able to buy natural resources at lower prices, but they left behind a country that was growing, feeding their people, building them a better future.

So in the face of this success, what did America do?  Well, they doubled down and became even more blatant in their take over of the countries resources and political system.

But now that America has run out of money, their ability to control other counties has ended.  There are three causes: Politicians who care only about the own immediate gratification and being re-elected, the military that wants to expand its reach, teach the next generation of leaders, test new weapons systems, and transnational corporations that wants to maximize this years profits at the expense of the future, have all led to the end of the American Empire.  It is only a matter of a few years till the Chinese Yuan is the reserve country of the world.  They will control the U.N., the WHO, the IMF, the World Bank.  They will dictate the future of the world as America, in its greed and avarice, becomes a footnote in history.

Politicians and businesses are all focused on today’s profits, this quarter’s bonus.  This while China and 50 years plans where Industry, universities and government work together to build a better country, a country more capable of moving not just China forward, but the  world forward.

But certainly, Donald Trump, in his greed and stupidly did speed up the process.

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