China has been demonized by Washington and the Military.  They are taking over the world and we must “contain” them.  Well, China is taking over the worlds, but they’re doing so economically, legally and with benefit to other countries.  Every time China expands its Diaspora with trade deals and infrastructure deals, the military sends another fleet of ships to show China how serious we are.

China is investing one trillion dollars in its one belt, one road policy.  In case you don’t know what that is, China is building railroad and roads to connect China all the way from its Western border through the “Stan” nations to Eastern Europe all the way to the EU nations.  They are also building dams and infrastructure to bring some of these nations into the modern world. Of course, China will benefit from having new consumers for their goods, but these countries will have gain from trade and be able to build hospitals and schools for their people.  China is looking 50, 100 years ahead while the US focuses is on this month, this year.

China is accuses of steal intellectual property and proprietary information from our companies who want to do business in China.  That is true, but to cut off one’s hand to spit their face is insane,

Chinese students study engineering, computer, robotic and AI at four times the rate of American students.  After they graduate with their first degree, they seek out the best schools in the world to further their education.  America is always first choice.  Chinese students who come here gain PhD’s and want to set up businesses and apply for patents and grow businesses that can serve the world.  To be clear, they want to stay her.  So what does America do?  We limit the number of Chinese students who come here (F-1 visa) then when the finish their studies and want to stay and build compares, we do not grant those extended visas and fast track their citizenship.  So they return to China and use the knowledge they gained in America to make themselves and China richer.  This is the definition of insanity.

In the blink of an eye, the number of patents filed in America would double, hundreds of IT companies would form, AI would take a huge leap forward and our trade deficit with China would reverse itself.


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