Both Trump and Biden are well-known entities to Xi Jinping.  He thinks they are both garrulous and quick to brag about how good a friend Xi is to them.  In reality, Xi thinks both men are supplicants, wanting to brag of friendships that don’t really exist.  But Mr. Xi is not fooled.  His is a world view, of security first, that leaves little room for talkative, and more talk, Americans.

In private, Trump is called a fool.  Ignorant, erratic, a narcissist tiresome but useful when he does not chastising China for building concentration camps.  Also, Trump dislikes military adventures abroad.  A man concerned only with reelection, a man (Trump) who begged Xi to help him win reelection.

The greatest lunacy of Donald Trump’s (and Pillsbury Doughboy, Mike Pompeo) has been to threaten to take away Hong Kong’s special economic status.  If America does that, it will be the beginning of the end of the American empire.  For, within a few years, the Chinese Yuan will be the reserve currency of the world and America will not longer be able to set foreign policy for the rest of the world by using its dollar and the swift currency system.

China considers it a joke that America believed that China would converge with Western values and become more democratic and free capitalism as it grew wealthier.  But America sees the world through a distorted mirror.

Why would China want to merge with America when the American empire is in its last throws?  America will soon be a footnote in history and it will be China and the Chinese system of soft power that will rule the world.

The Chinese see Mr. Trump as an agent for America’s decline

As for Joe Biden.  A man in second stage Dementia will be hard pressed to put two sentences together during his term in office and will become more shielded by his advisors who fear he will say something so stupid or egregious that it will cause irreparable harm to the Democratic Party.

The Chinese even joke that Trump is a double agent, wrecking America and making China strong.  One of their sayings is, “Chuan Jianguo” or “Don’t blow your cover.”

There are those in China who debate whether Trump or Biden would bring the most benefit to China.  They do believe that Trump will continue to weaken America at home and repel allies In Asia and Europe.  But the other side of the coin is that will lead to a premature collapse of the American economy.  One China, and the world, is not quite ready for.

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