Trump is the first president in the history of America to profit while in office.  This through payments from foreign governments and corporations to his hotels and businesses.  He has never divested himself from his business interests.  He favors foreign and domestic policy toward people and companies and countries that provide him economic benefit.

In setting the standard so low, others in his administration and party flagrantly flaunt the law and the ethics of good government.  Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, help he husband, Republican Senate majority leader Mitch Mc Connell, get a $78 million project approved in Kentucky that McConnell needed to keep up a game of tit for tat with politician he needs for future votes.

A real estate company partly owned by Jared Kushner received $90 million foreign funding from countries Kushner is charged with developing foreign policy for, including Saudi Arabia.

Kushner has repeatedly been targeted for manipulation by foreign officials due to Kushner’s poor business decisions, bringing his family business to the edge of bankruptcy.

They are all a bunch of low-life degenerate scumbags who should be sharing a cell in the deepest darkest prison in the country rather than sitting in the White House scheming how to use their position to make even more money.

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