Have you ever heard the expression, “If you’re trained to use a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

It refers to people who are so caught up in their specialty, their training, their job, that they only see one way to attack and solve a problem….with their narrow focus, limited understand, and personal potential gain.

In today’s world, specificity dominates thinking: people are paid more and more for knowing less and less.  This is Abraham Maslow’s theory of human behavior.

To provide a few more examples of Maslow’s theorem…..

If you (a policeman) are trained to use a gun, then everyone looks like a target.

If you, a doctor, are trained as a surgeon, then the solution to every medical problem is an operation.

If you are a legislator your reason for being, your only skill in life, is passing legislation, then the solution is to use your expertise to decide what passes and what does not.  But only those that benefit you personally.

Take Mitch McConnell as an example.  Not only is he devoid of any reasoning, foresight, scope, or non-partisanship, but he is also the ugliest man alive.  He has no sex life, he has very little health, he has $28 million dollars but sends nothing because he can get the government to pay for all his flights and stays anywhere in the world.

The only thing he can do is use his power to halt bill he dislikes or pass bills that provide benefit solely to him and his party while disregarding the needs of the American people and our country.

He is a sick old man who has lost any perspective.  In 2008, when Barak Obama was elected president, McConnell was asked what his agenda would be for the next four years.  He said, “I have no agenda except to insure that Barak Obama and the Democrats do not pass a single piece of legislation.”

He will do the same thing to Joe Biden because that is the only thing that keeps this subhuman alive.

America and the American people suffer, our country’s infrastructure crumbles, our school system is now one of the worst of all rich nations.  Our heath care finally became affordable to the great majority of people but now he works tirelessly to end the affordable care act.  He limits abortion when, quite obviously, he is an abortion.

He craves the attention of a Republican president and did to Trump what Clyde Tolson, number two man in the FBI (in the 1960s) did to Hoover.

McConnell is a liar, a thief, a greedy little man, a narrow-thinking fool, a danger to America and to the American people.  He refuses to consider bi-partisan bills, or bills promoted by Democrats.

What he does do is use his power to enrich himself and his constituency.

In 2018, Mitch McConnell announced America would lift sanctions from three companies linked to Russian oligarch and longtime Manafort business partner Oleg Deripaska.  The sanctions were originally put in place to respond to Russia’s malicious cyber activities and attempts to subvert Western democracies.

Instead of punishing Deripaska, however, the deal negotiated by McConnell freed him from hundreds of millions of dollars in debt—and allowed him (Deripaska) and his allies to keep majority ownership of his most important companies.  When a bipartisan group of Senators s­ought to block this deal, Mitch McConnell and the majority of his Republican colleagues voted it down.

Then, just three months later, Deripaska announced a $200 million investment in an aluminum plant in Mitch McConnell’s backyard (his home state of Tennessee).  What an amazing coincidence.

Mitch McConnell’s only goal is to remain important.  Not to pass legislation that is bi-partisan or beneficial to the country as a whole, but to be a cog in the machinery of government.

He doesn’t even realize that the ugliness he shows on the outside has permeated into every atom of his being.  He is like a virus.  An entity that takes over a human body and convert the body’s cell to that of the invader.

McConnell is no longer a human being (if he ever was one) and is now just a piece of rotting flesh on a diseased body with no bone structure.  He is a snake that slithers along the ground, remaining hidden until, at the moment that is best for him, he strikes and paralyzes his victim, which in this case is the American public.

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