First, of course, is the environment cost of plastic bottles. They have been found on the beaches of the most remote islands of the world. They have been found in the bodies of whales, sharks and other marine life, stopping their digestion of food, making the starve to death.
Then there is the issue of safety. According to the Government Accounting Office, 70% of the bottled water sold in America is not subject to Food and Drug Administration regulation.
That’s because water bottled and sold in the same state is considered intrastate commerce and therefore only under state regulation.
Water bottled in state is subjected to standards weaker than those covering tap water which must comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act administer by the EPA.
Under Donald Trump, the FDA has been understaffed, and its regulations weakened, allowing companies to fill bottles with regular tap water.
While major bottlers such as Nestle, Coke and Pepsi have a vested interest in selling safe products, smaller bottlers know they can change names overnight if one of their products is contaminated and makes people sick.
A study by the Natural Resources Defense Council looked at more than 100 brands of bottled water and found that 1/3 had levels of chemical contaminants above state or industry standards and guidelines.
Consumer Reports investigation found several brands had unsafe levels of arsenic.
While Pepsi and Coke claim 1/3 of their plastic bottles are recycled, internal reports surface that show it is only 7%.
Water that sits in plastic bottles too long will leech Phthalates and other chemical agents in the plastic into the water. These can cause a real threat to pregnant women and children.
While tap water contains important minerals, most bottled water is distilled, taking out those minerals.
Bottled water can cost over 300 times the cost of tap water. A better alternative is to add a simple purification system to your source of home water.
Also, large bottlers like the ones mentioned above pay a minimal fee, usually less than $100 a years to take the water from our springs and lakes. Many pristine lakes and streams have dried up. That is a disgrace.
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