What’s happened to people in the Trump administration and Republicans in congress?

William Barr, the new attorney general acts as Trump’s persona attorney, not an independent prosecutor.  He makes a mockery of the law without even caring he is enabling a subhuman to infest America and the world with his arrogance, ignorance and stupidity, hate, and destructive tendencies.

Barr snorts and grunts like the pig he is as his master tears down the great structures of American and world peace and prosperity.

James Comey explains how an amoral leader makes a mockery of the law.  It starts with Trump lying in both public and private, pressuring those in his circle of influence to assent to his preferred facts or delusions.

It is extremely difficult to disagree with a president who demands unremitting loyalty.  Soon, those once independent and ethically minded people begin to tolerate the lies and distortions.

Further compromises lead to using Trump’s language, then aligning oneself to other sycophants in praising his leadership.  Then he has taken control of your soul.

A perfect example is Republican senator Lindsey Graham who once called Trump a “cook” and “unfit for office.”  That same gutless suck-up now shouts out pro Trump conspiracy theories in Senate hearings.

Conservative commentators who used to denounce Trump have surrendered to him, giving up their honor, decency and concern for America.

Never before have so many sold their souls so cheaply to a degenerate, thieving, lying, vindictive, aberration of a man.

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