A president uses conspiracy theory to shut down the media, consolidate control of the legislature, cut off funding to opposing groups and voices, shut down NGOs (non-governmental offices and programs), rules by executive order, claims opposing groups are illegitimate, haspeople investigated for having an opposing point of view. Uses the powers of the government to silence the opposition, (IRS for taxes, change the charitable, non-profit organizations exemptions), conspire with past enemies of the country (Russia), change the 22nd amendment so he can rule (oh, I meant run) for office indefinitely.

These are very serious charges to make against the President of Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Oh, wait, this is not Erdoğan, it’s DONALD TRUMP.

You asked for it, America and now you’ve got it.

The man is a sociopath, bitter, hateful, paranoid. I guarantee you he will try to rule indefinitely by executive order. You’d better move to impeach him now before he consolidates so much power he will be untouchable.

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