Researchers at Tufts University examined data from a heath survey involving more than 30,000 people ages 20 and older.

After accounting for lifestyle factors, thy found that people who ingested adequate amounts of magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A and K had lower risk of death over the period studied, BUT, only if the nutrients came from food rather than supplements.

Furthermore, the participant who took more than 1,000 mg of calcium supplements a day had a higher risk of death from cancer, while those who took more than 400 IU of Vitamin D supplements, had a higher risk of death form any cause.

Every time they’ve done a double-blind study, the effects felt by participants were found to be from the placebo effect.  One of the mst tested substances was glucosamine / chondroitin (for sore knees, back, etc.)  All placebo effect.


They found that the body does not absorb the pills or capsules of vitamins and minerals and some pass through the body unused, while others accumulate in the organs where they become foreign bodies that cancer may feed on, or that, on their own, may become cancerous.

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