Both Individuals and companies discriminate against black people, poor people, gay people, fat people.
Using fictitious CVs (resumes) of identically qualified candidates, the penalties paid by being a woman, poor, black, Asian were substantial. CVs with Asian-sounding names were 30% less likely to get a call. Black-sounding names, 50% less likely to get a call back. Women, 25% less likely to get a call back.

In fact, there appears to be little improvement over time. Racial discrimination is no better now than it was in 1990.

Since 1964, when Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, discrimination based on race, sex, and nationality has been illegal. But it has not gone away, it’s just gone underground.
Affirmation action programs, sought equality not just as a right, but as a fact.
Corporations and business were required to append non-discrimination statements to their advertisements for hiring.

However, what researchers found was that when job descriptions included equal opportunity statements, racial minorities were 30% less likely to apply for the job.

In another study, where researchers stripped away racial clues from a created resume, Black and Asian candidates were twice as likely to get a call back.

The same researchers found that after companies set up diversity programs at their firms, including mandatory training, job tests and grievance systems, the share of racial minorities in managerial positions actually declined.

Bottom line, despite the racial progress America as a society has made since the civil right era, economic disparities remain stubborn. Some, like the white / black gap in hourly wages are getting worse.

In 1979, the average Black man earned 80% as much as his white counterpart. In 2016, that slipped to 70%

We cannot sit back and assume that with the programs already in place, time will set matters straight. We, as individuals, need to keep in mind that racial inequality still exists and do our part as co-workers, neighbors, group members. Do not wait for government and companies to make glacial progress, what you say and do how you interact with others on a day to day basis can make a difference.

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