America has berated China regarding its human rights polices and violations.  American officials, from V.P. Mike Pence, to U.N. Ambassador Nikki Halley, to NSA Director John Bolton, and especially Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo have used hysterical language to decry China’s oppression of the Uyghur Muslim population n northern China.

Pompeo insisted that China was “in a league of its own” when it comes to human rights violations.

This, coming from a country that locks up more of its population per capita, and more in absolute numbers, than any country in the world.  For example, China locks up 118 people out of 100,000,  France, 104 per 100,000, Germany 75 out of 100,000, India 53 out of 100,000, Mexico 164 out of 100,000, Russia 316 out of 100,000, the United states, 655 out of 100,000.

The U.S. imprisons Black and Hispanic people at a rate far higher than Whites.

The U.S. demands prisoners worked as forced laborers (a nice term for slavery), or they are thrown in solitary confinement.

The American government authorized private prisons where inmates are found in violation of jail rules 76% more than in state prisons and are incarcerated for % longer than in state prisons because the private prisons get paid more for keeping the beds full.

The U.S. population has the highest ownership of guns per person in the world: 120 guns per 100 people.  China, 3.5 guns per 100 people.

The murder rate in America is 5.35 per 100,000 people or almost 18,000 total in 2017.

In China, the murder rate is .62 or 8, 634 in a population 4.3 times (430%) as big as America.

America has been described by some as “the biggest battlefield in an era of peace.”

The U.S. consistently supports corporate rights of human rights.  America does nothing about the growing divide between rich and poor or the spread of racial hatred.  For many of America’s poor, left behind, ostracized, life is very much like being in prison.

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