The new book by Donald Trump’s niece charges, among other things, that her uncle paid another student to take the SAT test for him.  If it stopped there, it would be easy to dismiss the book as the ramblings of a jealous relative.

However, it does not stop there and the woman is far from a person out for revenge.  Mary L. Trump is a is a renown clinical psychologist who lays out a frightening but true story of life in the castle Trump Sr. built.

Mary’s father was Donald’s brother.  When the reigns of the business were being passed to the children, Donald displaced Mary’s father, the first born son of Fred and rightful heir to the thrown.

The patriarch was, according to Mary, “a high-functioning sociopath.”

She claims that the president suffers from multiple, serious psychological disorders.  She said she “was horrified that her uncle turned America into a macro version of his malignantly dysfunctional family. She expresses sympathy for the president, a man who, in his limited ability retains the fragile ego of a child because he knows he has never been loved.

When he (Marty’s) father tried to escape the clutches of a family where human value is measure in the ability to dominate others and cheat, Fred Jr. tried to escape to become a pilot but succumbed to alcoholism and died at the age of 42.

All though his formative years, Donald failed his way to the top, rescued by his father millions which acted to cover up a continual series of blunders.

Through documents in her possession, Mary proved that Donald obtained hundreds of millions of his father’s money through tax frauds.

Her final depiction of Donald is that of “a damaged, frighten man-child forever trying to measure up to the “killer” his father told him to be.

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