Donald is an arrogant, obnoxious, demeaning, degrading, ugly man.  However, he does not miss an opportunity to make money.

Donald Trump never really thought he was going to be elected president.  He ran for office to promote his businesses.  After all, Trump Enterprises gets 5 million dollars a year from every hotel he licenses his name to.  No, he doesn’t own all, or even most, of his hotels.  Others pay for the right to affix the Trump name to their marquis.

Trump felt that running for president was good for at least several hundred million in deals on a yearly basis.  However, when he was elected president, that potential ran into the billions.

If Donald ends pollution controls on coal companies, Trump enterprises will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks from those companies he saves from extinction.  (Remember, his son already got caught making deals with Russian bankers and Roseneft – the state-run Russian oil company).  The same with regulations on oil and gas companies, pipelines, steel (embargoing Chinese imports). You can rest assured that Donald Trump enterprises has made deals with all those industries and companies…and more.  This is what Robert Muller is investigating far more than the Russian intervention.  Trump has been laundering billions of dollars in oligarch money from Russia into legitimate real estate for decades.  The process has run smoothly for at least that long, turning dirty or hidden money into clean, open money.  He is, after all, the king of the deal.

The Paris climate accord is the ultimate deal for Donald.   He will squeeze millions; possibly billions, out of the companies that would be either shut down or forced to comply with expensive retrofits.

The presidency for Donald trump is just a smorgasbord of potential; deals.  Since the day he became president, Donald has looked beyond the end of his term in office.  The presidency, for him, is a means to an end.  The most important thing is not the standing of America in the world, not the condition of the American economy, but the dollars in Donald’s pockets.

Rudy Giuliani did the same thing in 2008.  While his supporters thought he was running for president, Rudy was promoting his international security firm.  Simple people, hard working people, donated millions to his campaign, thinking they were trying to elect a man who thought like them.  They were, as the saying go, “Taken for a ride.”

You think Donald Trump wouldn’t place himself and his personal enterprises above the needs or interests of our country?  Then you don’t know Donald.

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