Last week, Donald Trump called himself The Chosen One,” then looked to the heavens.

He accused the Prime minister of Denmark of “rudely blowing off the United States” because she refused to sell him Greenland.

He said that Jews who don’t vote for him are disloyal to Israel.

He said, “I’m the least racist person to ever serve in office.”

He laughed when he said, “I’ll be I office for 10 or 14 more years.”

He called the chairman of the Federal Reserve, a man he hand-pick himself, “A bigger enemy than China.”

He ordered American companies to stop doing business with China.

He called himself “The King of Israel.”

He said he was, “The Second coming of God.”


When Trump is finally out of office, when all the crimes he has committed are exposed, the response by those who supported Trump, like Republican Senator Lindsey Gram  who once said, “Trump is insane”, but has supported him through his presidency even as Trump has ruined America and lied about every single accomplishment.  Republican senators fear Trump.  So they cow-tow to him, support him in his ruinous programs.  When Trump is out, they will all say, “I was only taking orders from the president.”  Exactly what Germans said when Hitler was finally gone.


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