The Kurdish YPG, or Kurdish People’s People‘s Protection Units did the grunt work of routing ISIS.  At least 4,000 Kurdish workers were killed and 10,000 wounded in the fighting.  The YPG are affiliates of the PKK that has fought for decades to establish their own nation on the border of southeast Turkey and northern Syria.

In early 2018, Turkish troops crossed the border and seized the region of Afrin from the YPG.

With Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw the final 2,000 American soldiers form the region, Turkey will be able to finish the job it started.

The Kurds believed that by sacrificing great numbers of their people in the fight against ISIS, America would stand with them in their goal to establish a homeland.  But Donald Trump has allegiance to no one and feels obligated to nothing.

Other countries are now stepping up to fill the void left by America.  French and British forces will act as a deterrent against Turkish designs in the territory and also act as a buffer against Iranian and Russian expansion plans.

Other former allies of America view the desertion and plan for alternative action.  Some, like Korea, will turn to China.  And Taiwan now sees itself as a pawn in America’s plans which change day to day.

Many countries, once strong allies, are abandoning ship and will more than likely wind up in the arms of America’s competitors: Russia and China.


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