On Nov. 21st, Donald Trump tweeted, “What happened to Global Warming?”  This after 3,000 deaths due to hurricanes in Puerto Rico, flooding in Houston that cost $50 billion, Fires in California that burned 1,300 homes and 308,000 acres and cost close to $5 billion.  The past four years have been the hottest on record.  Monsoons in Bangladesh, hurricanes in the Florida Panhandle, Tsunamis in the Philippines.

Two days later, government scientists working with 33 different agencies warned of the eminent dangers to the U.S. and world economies.

Trump may not believe in global warming, or, more likely, does not understand the science behind it, but he cannot deny its political, economic and physical consequences.  It has been estimated that if nothing is done to slow or stop global warming, the cost to the U.S. economy will be between one and two trillion dollars by 2026.

Global warming has already caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to the country’s infrastructure and ecosystems.  And it is only going to get worse

Extreme weather events allow for the rapid spread of disease and reduce agricultural output, weakening the economic growth of the country.

Where once, the projection of dire consequence should global warming reach 2% higher than the start of the industrial age, now that figured has been lowered to 1.5% higher when compared to the industrial age.  Even that small increase would result in catastrophic consequences for many parts of the world.

The World meteorological organization has predicted a 75% chance of an “El Niño” event will strike this year.

I believe the only way that Donald Trump will accept global warming as real and an existential threat is if a tsunami takes his mar-a-largo estate out to sea…hopefully with him in it.

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