It was reveal last week that when his campaign was faced with a cash crunch in September of 2020,, he tricked hundreds of thousands of on-line donors into recurring donations that collectively cost them tens of millions of dollars.  The New York times reported that donors had to manually uncheck several “inconspicuous” boxes in order to opt out – with the misleading legal disclaimers growing even milkier as the Trump campaign’s cash crunch grew worse.

Among the victims was Stacy Blatt, a cancer patient in hospice who learned months later that his intended $500 donation had mushroomed into multiple donations totaling thousands of dollars.

One of his classic scams was “Baja Condos.  Trump took 30% up-front deposits.  Trump used the money for other expenses.  The units were never built.  When they asked for their money back, the buyers were told to read the small print. “In the event the project does not go forward, the principal has the right to keep all the deposits and use them for any purpose he sees fit.  When people still sued, Trump responded, “Hey, you should be thankful.  If the project had gone forward, you would have lost even more.”

Throughout his life, Trump has specialized in bilking the little guy, stiffing hundreds of contractors, setting up fraudulent real estate schools, looting casinos and campaigning as a populist only to govern as a plutocrat.  After Donald cheated Banks out of $2 billions dollars using falsified loan applications, Duetche Bank loaned Donald $500 million dollars.  The reason later discerned was that “Duetche was the only bank on the planet that did not know of his track record.”  This is the essence of his “grifting genius.”  Now, no matter how many times he gets caught cheating people, his “marks” still adore him.  As one of the victims of the automatic donation scam said after learning of the fraud, “I’m 100% loyal to Donald Trump.”

In a related story, when Trump petitioned his loyal following to donate to his legal defense fund to fight the “stolen election,” he received $180+ million in donations.  $8 million went to the lawyers; the rest went into Donald’s pockets.

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