While Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump heads up in the polls, anyone who has followed Joe Biden’s less than illustrious career knows he has his own stadium of “baggage.”

Not many voters are aware of his record, but I can assure you, Donald Trump is.  Trump has even goaded the Democrats into believing he fears Biden, when, in fact, Trump believes he has the best chance of defeating him than any other democrat.

What Trump should have done, was not said a word about Joe, not looked into any of his past intercessions and blunder.  He should have held back until the debates, then lashed out at Joe who would have little rebuttal because everyone already knows of Trump’s issues.

Joe cannot even put two sentences together.  He would have become road kill for Donald.

Instead, Donald could not wait and went after Joe now.  Biden was already falling in the polls, now he has no chance of being the democratic nominee.  It will be Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth will skewer Trump in the debates.  She is brilliant, compassionate, articulate.  Everything Donald is not.  She will crucify Donald.  The margin of victory in the general election by Elizabeth may even lead to democratic regaining control of the Senate.

As always, Donald is his own worst enemy.

As many of us know, Joe Biden has a ton of baggage.  However, I don’t think everyone realizes just how much. Following is a run down of the major issues.  For the uninitiated, let’s review the record…….

Joe Biden has been a yes man for his entire career.  He has not been the one making policy, but a follower, and often on the wrong side of history.

He lied about his education.

He formed ties with Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, two of the biggest racists to ever walk the hallowed halls of the Senate.  Together, they sought to limit desegregation by opposing federally mandating busing, which denied the possibility for equal education to minorities.  Edward Brooke, the sole black senator at the time said, “Biden‘s measure was the greatest symbolic defeat for civil rights since 1964.”

Biden pioneer drug legislation than mandated harsh penalties for buying and selling crack cocaine which led to the age of mass incarceration of Black Americans.  In fact, Biden said, “Whenever people hear the words drug and crime, I want them to think of Joe Biden.”

Along with segregationist Jesse Helms, Biden sponsored the 1984 Comprehensive control act which, among other repressive measures, abolished parole for federal prisoners and cut the amount of time by which sentences could be reduced for good behavior.

More than once, Biden prided himself with working with Strom Thurman, a racist, bigot, white supremacist, when they proposed legislation mandating a five year sentence, with no parole for anyone caught with a piece of crack cocaine no bigger than a quarter..

Biden fought for legislation that allowed for the confiscation of property of people only “suspected” of drug crimes, even if they were neither charge or convicted.

Biden said, “”Roe v. Wade went too far.” And, “I don’t think a woman should have the right to say what should happen to her body.”  He supported the Hyde amendment that called for prohibiting al federal funding for abortions.

His personal life is deeply troubling, with dozens of women coming forward with accusations of unwarranted touching.

With an admitted sexual predator in the White House, Democrats must insist on holding any potential candidate to a higher standard.  A standard that Joe Biden does not meet.

If that weren’t enough to disqualify him, there’s the fact that he repeatedly voted to restrict abortion access.  Then his derogatory, demeaning treatment of Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  Biden refused to hear from two other witnesses who corroborated Anita Hill’s testimony of sexual predation.

Biden made his home state of Delaware a freewheeling tax haven for corporations who incorporated there, able to avoid much taxation.

Biden campaign to stop allowing for debtor’s relief though bankruptcy.

And while Biden helped corporations by limiting debtor’s access to bankruptcy, his son, Hunter, was a well-remunerated consultant at credit card giant, MBNA.

Biden voted to repeal Glass-Seagull, the bill that limited banking regulations and allowed banks to gamble with depositors’’ money.  Which of course led to the 2008 banking crisis.

Biden personally heightened cold war tensions by supporting NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe, leading to a new round of arms build up.

Biden voted for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Obama put V.P. Biden in charge of Iraq.  Biden chose Nori al Maliki as prime minister: (even after he was warned by others) a man who persecuted the Sunni tribes, which led them into the arms of ISIS. Further, during al Makiki’s reign, there was widespread corruption leading to as much as $500 billion being siphoned off.

In 2014, while the U.S. was setting its policy for Ukraine, Joe Biden got his son, Hunter, appointed to the Board of Burisma, a giant Ukrainian natural gas company that hand been accused by the UK government of stealing at least $23 million of Ukrainian taxpayer’s money.  But of course Joe would never allow his son’s position (where he earned millions) to influence the foreign policy of the U.S. toward Ukraine.

In his first run for president, Biden plagiarized a number of world leaders, including Robert and John Kennedy.

Hs tough on crime-sentencing guidelines that have filled our jails with non-violent offenders who now work for slave wages for the largest transnational corporations, or are sent to solitary confinement

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