In case you missed it, Donald Trump is taking credit for America’s swift response to the virus.  “37,000 Americans die from the flu each your and life goes on.  When told that COvid-19 kills 3.4% of victims; he said it was “A false number.”  During a visit to the CDC he boasted about his “natural” scientific ability” and said, “I attribute my ability to my super-genius uncle who once worked at MIT.”

First, he said, there is no problem, “We’ve got it under control.”

He waited 21/2 months, in denial, claiming no special precautions were necessary.

He said the virus would be good for America because Americans would spent their money at home rather than abroad.

In fact, America is far behind other rich nations.   So far, only 4,200 people have been tested.  In South Korea, they are testing 10,000 people a day.

Estimates are that 70 to 150 million people in America will contract the virus.

He blamed the virus on the Democrats and his political enemies.

Trump will downplay the seriousness and the numbers in order to insure his reelection.

If millions have to die, well then he’ll simply shrug his shoulders.

Best case scenario, Trump will die and the country will be saved by his getting out of the way of much needed efforts.

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