It has been said the Donald Trump’s public attacks on John McCain are beneath any decent human being.

Trump falsely accused McCain of instigating the Mueller investigation.  Blamed McCain for voting against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, for which Trump had nothing to replace it with.

Trump claimed he allowed McCain’s family to use the National cathedral for his family, when, in fact, no such permission was asked for or needed.

Trump then complained that he didn’t even get a “Thank You.”

It has been said by many that, “Nothing is more cowardly than attacking a dead man.”

But there are deeper, darker truths happening here.

Trump hates McCain because he was an honored hero for his service in a war that Trump dodged.  Fred Trump, Donald’s father, paid off a Queens’ podiatrist to diagnose Donald with Bone Spurs…which later vanished.

When Trump hears of McCain’s service in the Vietnam War and how he was tortured for five years in a North Vietnam prison camp, he sees his own cowardess reflected back at him.  That’s why Donald began questioning McCain service record as far back as 1999.

Trump must do this because he McCain reminds him of everything he isn’t and never will be.

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