In the later part of the 1800s, a man named Karl Leuger, served as mayor of Vienna and was founder of Austria’s Christian Social party.  He later became a role model for Adolf Hitler.  Lueger was an opportunist who exploited growing resentment against wealthy Jewish capitalists and poorer Jews alike.  He was renowned for working both side of the aisle.  More strident anti-Semites took him to task for having many Jewish friends.  He was said to have responded, “I decide who is a Jew.”

In emulation of Leuger, Donald Trump has sown the seeds of hate against Jews (excluding Netanyahu of Israel and Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnet who donated millions to Trump’s campaign).  Trump has embraced White Separatists, the KKK, groups railing against LGTB, abortion, Mexicans, Muslims.  He has supported the police in the shooting of unarmed Black men.

Under Donald Trump hate crimes have increased by 70% since 2106 when he took office.  It is the people on the fringes of society that feel empowered by him.

The White Separatist movement, which was bubbling under the surface for decades has re-emerged, and has been supported by Trump to rear its head in very visible ways.

Donald Trump is a man consumed by hate.  He hates every minority and considers anyone who is poor to be useless and not deserving of public assistance.

Speech that used to be coded due to social mores has now resurfaced.

Donald Trump has exploited hate to expanded his base of the disenfranchised.  For him, the country belongs only to the Whites.  And just as he has done away with those social norms, he is throwing away the post WWII Western order that has maintained peace for 70 years and allowed trade to grow and prosperity to expand to even the poorest countries.

Trump has snubbed the post-civil rights consensus with appeals for violence.  He appeals to the dark angles in people’s hearts and minds and exploits cultural insecurities.

His “America first” slogan is the exact words use by the racist Charles Lindbergh who paid homage to Adolf Hitler and was rewarded by being given the “Service Cross of the Order of the German Eagle.”

Donald trump is a racist a bigot, a homophobe, and misogynist.  He is a thief, a liar, a cheat, a scammer.  His hate starts with himself but instead of destroying him with self-loathing, he turns his hate outward to anyone who is not just like him.

Donald trump has seeded the high ground and moral leadership to extremists.  Now it’s up to the people to hold themselves accountable.

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